Luiza Borac

"Tender and exuberant..ever resourceful and imaginative pianist"  GRAMOPHONE

NEW ALBUM Constantin Silvestri  Complete Piano Works

2019 New Album !     MOZART IN LOVE 


CD of the Month

International Piano, June 2019


"Borac's overall mastery is impressive...a pianist of enviable professionalism.” - Gramophone
“A fabulously gifted young pianist.” - BBC Music Magazine
“There is an appealing youthful fire here, tempered with poetic flair.” - International Record Review
“Luiza Borac parait très en phase avec le credo de Dinu Lipatti “ne vous servez pas de la musique, servez-la" - Diapason 
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5 Stars and ‘Album of the Month’

"...a lively and intelligently-built programme 

played with winning, exquisite charm ...playing of magnificent bravura and finesse " INTERNATIONAL PIANO MAGAZINE June 2019


5 Stars

"...schon hier erkennt man mit wieviel Emphase sie Mozart zu interpretieren versteht, immer aus dem gesanglichen Duktus heraus..." PIANO NEWS July 2019


"mit grandioser Beherrschung und der Grandezza einer echten Virtuosin... Eine tolle neue CD der klugen Pianistin,

eine Virtuosin mit grandioser Technik, vor allen Dingen aber eine echte Poetin an den Tasten. Das zeigt sie auch bei Mozarts Rondo a-moll, einer Kurzreise zwischen Trauer und Trost…

Sie spielt Mozart mit einer Art „zweiten Naivität“ und blickt hinter die Kulisse dieser nur scheinbar einfachen Musik..." RADIO BREMEN May 2019


"fabulous, the repertoire is beautifully picked, well produced, superbly and brilliantly performed" FANFARE USA May 2019


In the end, all that's left for me to add is that no one should miss the experience of listening again and again to this Mozart record by Luiza Borac, who proved to be an awe inspiring interpreter of Mozart, as well as, for instance, of Enescu and Lipatti. We can feel Luiza's soul, which she poured into these recordings; I do believe that there's perfect harmony between the composer's personality and Luiza - the very same ingenuity, the same brilliance of otherworldly talent. Luiza's version of Mozart is playful, lively, yet at the same time mature, consistent, accentuated by technical and artistic means that come with the experience of a truly great pianist."





"An impressive debut at Carnegie Hall. Stunningly played with sweep, clarity, alertness and a marvelously authoritative direction that dispatched the many technical hurdles with almost insolent ease."  New York Concert Review


"Passion, sensitivity and tremendous technical control are the words that sum up Luiza Borac's performances" BBC Music Awards


Luiza Borac has been praised as a 'virtuoso of fantastic brilliance', a 'young master' and a 'pianist of unusual poetical expresiveness' by the international press.


The 'supreme Enescu pianist of our time' has become one of the most charismatic artists, not at least through her superb, award-winning CD Albums.

Luiza Borac spectacularly raised international awareness of her great compatriots George Enescu, Dinu Lipatti and Constantin Silvestri with her World premiere recordings. Her Album with GEORGE ENESCU Piano Works in 2007 went on to win the BBC Music Award  for the best instrumental CD of the year chosen by the jury from 1500 CDs and with more than 40 000 public votes. 


Highly praised worldwide her 2012 Album DINU LIPATTI complete Piano Works  recorded with the Academy of Saint-Martin-in-the-Fields was awarded 5 Stars by BBC Music Magazine, Best CD of Piano News Magazine and Outstanding CD in the International Record Review.


Over 30 international prizes and distictions

BBC Music Instrumental Award


Silver Medalist at the Gina Bachauer International Piano Competition


1st Prize Mendelssohn Piano Competition Berlin


1st Prize Edvard Grieg International Piano Competition, Prix d'Oslo, Grieg Special Prize and Audience Prize


Steinway & Sons Wall of Fame


Fono Forum Star of the Month


Best CD Piano News


Outstanding CD International Record Review


Pianist of the Month at St Martin-in-the-Fields London 2014


Ambassadrice of the UNESCO City of Albi


Paul Harris Medal of Rotary in the End Polio Now Campaigne





8 March - Habitzheim/Frankfurt Solo Recital Mozart in Love


16 February - Aurich Solo Recital Mozart in Love


1 February - Bad Rappenau Solo Recital Mozart in Love


28-31 January - New CD Recording - Double Album coming soon!


19 January Wietze/Hannover  Solo Recital Mozart in Love


4 January - Bad Kissingen Soloist with Philharmonia Festiva/Gerd Schaller




8 December - Aachen Solo Recital Homage Clara Schumann


24 November - Bremen Solo Recital Homage Clara Schumann


10 November - Bottrop-Kirchhellen Solo Recital Homage Clara Schumann


3 November - Waizenbach Castle Solo Recital Homage Clara Schumann


11 October - Bucharest George Enescu Museum Solo Recital Homage Clara Schumann, Constantin Silvestri

Anniversary Ion Buzea 85

8 October - Bucharest Atheneum Solo Recital Homage Clara Schumann, Constantin Silvestri

Anniversary Ion Buzea 85


 29 September - Rösrath Castle Solo Recital Homage Clara Schumann

7 September - Bad Pyrmont Solo Recital Homage Clara Schumann


6 September - Bad Sooden-Allendorf Solo Recital Homage Clara Schumann


23 June - Bucharest Recordings with the National Radio Orchestra / Nicolae Moldoveanu


23 June - Wieckenberg Solo Recital Homage Clara Schumann


16 June - Birkenfeld Solo Recital Homage Clara Schumann


26 May - Bad Kissingen, Soloist with Philarmonia Festiva / Gerd Schaller


16-22 May - Beijing, China Jury, Concert and Masterclass


10 May 2019 Bucharest, Soloist with Bucharest National Radio Orchestra / Russen Gergov


6 May 2019 Rm. Valcea, Romania

Soloist with Valcea Philharmonic Orchestra


5 April 2019 London Solo Recital, St. James Picadilly


4 April 2019 London Solo Recital, Romanian Cultural Institute


24 March 2019 Paris Solo Recital


23 March 2019 Albi, Theater des Lices Solo Recital Homage Clara Schumann


22 March 2019 Albi, Theater des Lices Music-in-Schools


21 March 2019 Albi Toulouse-Lautrec Museum, CD Launch


3 March 2019 Konstanz


2 March 2019 Bad Dürrheim


24 February 2019 Sickte Solo Recital


12 February 2019 Moscow Piano Concerto soloist with Moscow Symphony Orchestra


 1 February Kitzingen 2019 Solo Recital


27 January 2019 Bad Ems Solo Recital


12  January 2019 Berlin Solo Recital


5 January 2019 Göttingen/Gleichen Solo Recital


29 November 2018 Bacau Piano Concerto soloist with Bacau Philharmonic


7 October 2018 Detmold Solo Recital


17 - 19 August 2018 Switzerland Tour  Solo Recitals Bern, Interlaken, Zürich, Alpnachstad


9 July 2018 Kölner Philharmonie Recording with the Cologne Radio Orchestra / Cristian Macelaru


17 June 2018 Wietze/Wieckenberg  Solo Recital


3 June 2018 Aachen Solo Recital


1 June 2018 Düsseldorf Solo Recital


27 May 2018 Bad Ems Solo Recital

13 May 2018 Bad Oeynhausen Solo Recital
7 April 2018 Offenburg Solo Recital

21 April 2018 Bucharest Atheneum Solo Recital

20 April 2018 Bucharest Piano Concerto Soloist with George Enescu Philharmonic
19 April 2018 Bucharest Piano Concerto Soloist with George Enescu Philharmonic


7 April 2018 Offenburg Solo Recital


8 April 2018 Lahr Solo Recital


23 March 2018 Heidelberg Solo Recital


25 January 2018 Braunschweig Solo Recital




"subtlety of touch and caressing depth' 

4 Stars, The Times


“With this set Luiza Borac illuminates some extraordinary, richly inventive piano music with subtle but absolute mastery. This is a set to place Enescu among great composers, superbly, idiomatically played, vehemently recommended'

5 Stars, BBC Music Magazine


"…tone-painting that conjures the subtlest shades, expansive and exotic and, in the hands of a musician as dedicated as Luiza Borac, utterly absorbing. She obviously loves the music and to own these records is to own a standing invitation to a world where impressionism, musical folklore and emotional generosity all play a crucial role. Borac's only substantial rival is Dinu Lipatti in Enescus 3rd Sonata' Gramophone


"Formidable interpreter' San Francisco Chronicle


"Bei Luiza Borac gewinnen die Werke eine ungeahnte Strahlkraft. Es ist eine Offenbarung' General-Anzeiger Bonn


"Greater advocacy for Enescus genius would be hard to dream of' Musicweb
"dizzling in its emotional and stylistic richness" Fanfare
 'Borac breezes with the same breezy confidence as Lipatti' Gramophone

"Selbst hoch gesteckte Erwartungen übertraf das Konzert der Pianistin Luiza Borac in der Stadthalle. Das Konzert der Chopin-Gesellschaft Taunus setzte noch vor Beginn des Großereignisses einen fulminanten kulturellen Akzent...einen erlesenen musikalisch-intellektuellen Erlebnis. Zumal Borac außerdem eine überlegene pianistische Gestaltungskraft an den Tag legte. Wie sie etwa die teuflisch betörende Werbung des Erlkönigs um den Knaben formulierte, schmeichelnd, unangestrengt und hinreißend schön. Die Wechsel zwischen panischer Angst, dem schieren Grauen und den Verlockungen des Geisterkönigs gelangen meisterhaft. Boracs beredter Vortrag machte die Singstimme glatt vergessen." Frankfurter Neue Presse 


"Borac provided Chopin's Piano Concerto with refinement, eloquence and no over-indulgence of display. The pianist, like the strings behind her, revealed a rich sound, interest and color"

Los Angeles Times 


"Aufregend, unvorhersehbar, farbig" Schaumburger Zeitung 


"Borac zeigte, wie empfindsam, die Romanze (Chopin - 1. Klavierkonzert) klingen kann, und wie resolut sie im Rondo das Heft in die Hand halten kann" HAZ 


"Viel Jubel und großer Applaus für Luiza Borac für ihr berührendes Chopin 1. Klavierkonzert" Neue Presse


" Luiza Borac spielte Chopins Lieder auf Klavier – was Walerowicz noch zu einem tiefen Einblick in die polnische Seele gemacht hatte, wurde bei ihr zur universellen Melodie, die dem Zuhörer ganz eigene Interpretationen ermöglichte. In den übrigen Stücken legte sie den Schwerpunkt auf Chopins sensible, fantasievolle Seite" Leine Zeitung 


"Nur wenige Pianistinnen können auf dem Klavier so "singen" wie Luiza Borac. Wenn die Rumänin Schuberts berühmte Lieder in der Klavierfassung von Franz Liszt spielt, dann entwickelt sie einen wunderbar kantablen Klang und der Flügel ist ganz nah an der menschlichen Stimme. Schon 2005 hatte Luiza Borac im Bremer Sendesaal einen eindrucksvollen Klavierabend der Radio-Bremen-Reihe "Auf schwarzen und weißen Tasten" gegeben. Mittlerweile hat die charismatische Musikerin schon einige hochkarätige CDs aufgenommen, und auch ihre neue Platte zeigt sie auf der Höhe ihrer Kunst. Sie kann nicht nur mit einer breiten und warmen Klangpalette überzeugen, sie ist auch eine poetische Virtuosin mit großer Technik. Luiza Borac ist eine der führenden Interpretinnen der Klavierromantik, eine Musikerin mit klaren Vorstellungen und hoher Spielintelligenz. In Franz Liszts berühmt-berüchtigten "Réminiscences de Don Juan" nach Mozarts Don Giovanni wird die Pianistin zur Opernregisseurin. Mit feiner Hand führt Luiza Borac die musikalischen Charaktere über eine imaginäre Bühne und sprengt die natürlichen Grenzen ihres Instruments. So etwas können nur wirklich bedeutende Pianisten, und mit ihrer neuen CD löst Luiza Borac die Eintrittskarte für den Klavierolymp. Hut ab vor einer sympathischen Künstlerin, die keine aufwendige Medienmaschinerie braucht, um zu den ganz Großen zu gehören." RADIO BREMEN, Wilfried Schäper





2017   ALBUM   Double CD Homage to George Enescu 

Le Disque Du Jour Artamag France


Disc of the Year Radio Romania Muzical


"Luiza Borac aura beaucoup servi la cause d’Enesco, deux disques de Suites et de Sonates en témoignent. Cette sonorité pleine, cette technique impeccable qui lui permit de remplacer au pied levé Sviatoslav Richter en 1991 au Festival de Schleswig-Holstein, son sens des couleurs indiquaient une pianiste à suivre.

Elle y ajoute absolument ce qui est de sa volonté, et sa fantaisie est d’abord française : un Gaspard de la nuit joué à l’instinct prouve la musicienne, les Bagatelles de Mihalovici, roumain de Paris, sont des merveilles qui plaident pour la redécouverte de son œuvre.

Mais la perle de cet ensemble ce sont les Études de Debussy où un somptueux Steinway éclate de couleur et de sensualité sous ce toucher opulent, véritable orchestre. Je n’y avais pas entendu à un tel point ce faune inextinguible que seul avant elle Walter Gieseking avait su montrer derrière ces exercices qui sont des humeurs et aussi des paysages. Admirable.

Elle y ajoute un fragment retrouvé de Schumann, et enregistré pour la Radio Roumaine, un fringant Concerto de Schumann, fusant, vif, aérien, vous n’allez pas me croire mais tant pis, simplement un des meilleurs que j’ai jamais entendus."

Artamag, 2018


"Ascoltando Luiza Borac, interprete di preziosa misura per il modo con cui trasforma il suo ben evidenti virtuosismo in eloquente musicalità, sembra di veder ricomporsi in un'ideale continuità quell'arcata tracciata dai grandi pianisti della sua terra, che l'hanno preceduta, la Haskil, Lipatti, Lupu. " La Gazzetta di Parma, 2017


The endearingly unpredictable Borac leaves Enescu for a second well-filled CD with both books of Debussy's Études followed by Schumann's Piano Concerto ( ...) . ..) vivid and compelling readings of any of our studio origins.

The Concerto is a joy from beginning to end (...) " Gramophone, 2017


"Luiza Borac ist eine intelligente Virtuosin die immer kluge und besondere Programme spielt. Sie ist aber auch eine Vollblutmusikerin die am Klavier auch mal die Sau rauslassen kann... mit diabolischer Virtuosität, ironischem Augenzwinkern und nonchalanter Eleganz..."

Nordwest Radio 30 June 2017











"You would expect a disc to be uniform in spirit; but while Luiza Borac's remarkable new collection certainly favours a kind of emotional reticence, the recital as a whole is dizzying in its stylistic and expressive richness. I've been enthusiastic about all of Borac's recordings I've reviewed (Enescu, Schubert and Liszt, Fanfare 27:3, 28:3, 29:4) but this is better still. From the tonally plush and rhythmically flexible way she caresses Alt Wien, you know that this is going to be a disc of refined sensuality." Peter Rabinowitz, Fanfare


"heart-breaking tenor of Ion Buzea (accompanied by Luiza Borac)" Pianist




"For the past few years, I've been following the recordings of pianist Luiza Borac, both for their repertoire and artistry.  It was clear from her previous recordings that she may well be a major artist of consequence.  Her Chopin Etudes showed that she had all the virtuoso chops you could want along with something strong and individual to say about the music.  I think she has become best known in the States, however, for her Enescu recordings, which have raised his piano pieces from curiosities to music one needs to know.  As brilliant as her recordings have been, there has been the danger that she might be typed, save for the Chopin and a Schubert Wanderer impossible to find stateside, as someone whose value will be filling in gaps in the repertoire rather than the full blown artist she is.  Her latest CD, "Inspirations and Dreams" for Profil takes care of that, and I think establishes her as someone you must hear.  It opens with her beloved Enescu, but then goes strength to strength in Ravel, including La Valse, and the Debussy Etudes.  This is territory well trod by by all the names you know, but she brings her own views and strengths to this music, and at every turn I was hearing Ravel and Debussy in a new way.  The thing that has me looking forward to Borac's recordings, especially when I'm on the road, is there is always a sense of communication.  It isn't that she imposes structures on pieces that aren't there, but you are well aware of being in her presence, as if this is not just a performance but as if she needs to tell you something about the music that is personal to her and to you as you hear it.  If I could compare that sense to anything it would be what it is like when someone reads a passage from a book or a poem that is especially meaningful to them in the hopes that it affects you as it has them.  She has all the virtuoso tools, as is obvious in Enescu's own transcription of his First Romanian Rhapsody, but they are always in the service of imparting something to the listener.  As it would hardly be a Borac recording without something you have never heard before, she adds five Bagatelles by Marcel Mihalovici, a composer I have barely known for one orchestral piece, his Tragic Overture.  It is well worth knowing, and I can't imagine him having a better champion.  Finally, along with an encore of sorts of Schumann's Ahnung, there is the surprising edition of the Schumann Piano Concerto.  It seems out of place , except that it is necessary for us to understand Borac's range.  Other than You Tube clips I have not heard her in a major masterwork concerto, and even if the thought was to add this as a calling card for symphony bookers, it isn't long into the a minor concerto before you are glad to add this to your collection of performances by better known pianists,.  This is a totally winning collection by a pianist you should know, because of the pleasure and artistry they bring. A final note: on the back of the CD, among the causes she is connected to, is a logo for End Polio Now.  OK, as a polio pioneer  [I was one of the 3 year olds they tested the vaccine on] I may be more emotionally and intellectually invested in that cause than most, but it is evidence that the heart I hear in these performances is not just a matter of interpretation, but is at the core of the artist herself."

Gil Gross,USA, 2018 Radio personality NBC, CBS, KKSF







"Chopin's 24 Etudes of the most consistently admirable accounts among current complete editions" International Record Review


"Easily the best versions of those currently available...grace, radiant tone" Gramophone


"Wer den beiden klassischen Zwölferzyklen Chopins noch frische Akzente abgewinnen kann, darf sich zur Pianisten-Elite rechnen." Der Spiegel

DINU LIPATTI 100 (1917-1950)




Tour Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Italy, Holland

30 concerts dedicated to the memory of the legendary pianist and composer Dinu Lipatti.


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